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New Writer Introduction

Dr. Marina Harris on mental health and lifestyle

Illuminate. /iˈlo͞oməˌnāt/

To light up. To help clarify or explain. To brighten.

The publication Illumination is a place for writers and innovators to bring their work into the light. It’s about innovation, inclusivity, and collaboration.

I view myself as a lightworker. I work as a mental health clinician helping people heal from eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, trauma, anxiety, and self-criticism.

I help people find the light within themselves that allows them to brave the darkness.

What better topic to illuminate.

What better platform than Illumination.

My mission at Illumination is to empower others to make their lives better. And I’m sharing psychological skills that most people pay $180 an hour to learn.

Hence, innovation, inclusivity, and collaboration.

I’m trained as a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and I love to forge meaningful relationships with others.

To tell you more about myself, I want to share my core values — the things that govern my decisions and the work I do. I think these say more about a person than facts about their life.

And I hope you find something in my articles that helps you live your best, most fulfilled, most illuminated life.

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