Embrace the Work of Breaking Through Sexual Shame

Playboy magazine was all the rage when I was in sixth grade. Penthouse was making inroads, too, as men placed their fascination with women on the glossy pages of magazines and sold them behind…


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This Is the One Constant in Life

Master this and you win

2020 was a year most of us crawled.

But we still moved forward—violently and with great effort—but we did move forward.

Society survived a pandemic, economic collapse, and political corruption.

We were knocked down, but not out for the count.

If we can master change, we have learned the secret of winning in life.

Why not start with ourselves? It takes guts to look into our soul and not run away screaming. We all have great potential for good and evil.

Maybe there are changes we need to make within. It takes courage to admit that. In an age of no accountability, changing ourselves is the first, best step.

Are you too hard on yourself? Maybe your change is learning to accept and love yourself.

While you are waiting for that change to happen, focus on your mindset.

Would you believe that we have the power to make ourselves miserable or happy? It’s true!

Focus on things you are grateful for. Spend your energy doing positive things instead of being angry. Don’t make the mistake of waiting “until” to be happy.

The only constant in this world is change itself. We can either sit back and watch it unfold, or be agents of change ourselves.

I would rather add my voice to those who wish to affect positive change.

Evil thrives when good people stand back and refuse to act.

Change is inevitable. It is the one constant in life.

If you can master change, you will win in life and learn to enjoy your time along the journey.

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