Zshell path modifiers

You probably already know a few ways to transform variables inherited from Bash. If not, you should check them out because they are really useful. They allow you to get a substring, substitute a word…


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Pickup truck crashes into canal in Phatthalung killing two

The driver of a pickup, along with his passenger friend, were killed and two women injured early today.

The pickup careered off the road, hit a bridge, and dropped into a canal in Phatthalung’s Kong Ra district.

Police say the accident happened in front of a mosque in Moo 6 village in Tambon Klong Chalerm.

The pickup was stuck in bamboo bushes and didn’t sink after it fell into the canal.

The driver, 35 year old Ammarin Innurak, was killed behind the wheel. His friend, 35 year old Jitnarong Chaiket, fell out of the pickup and was washed away.

Rescuers found his body later this morning about 200 metres from the crash site.

The two injured passengers were both 33 years old. They told police that the two men were drinking in Kong Ra before getting into the pickup.

Police say the driver was apparently drunk, causing him to lose control of the pickup before it hit the bridge and drove into the canal.

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