Social Media Making Journalism Into Its own thing

Social Media has caused journalism to change, no longer is it simple print news or watching someone on tv give you the news. It has helped make it our own thing and encouraged people who may have not…


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A Game called Survive and Thrive

As soon as you go outside with the conveniences of modernity removed, you enter a new environment and instantly begin to play the game called survive and thrive. Failure to play this game, by the way, is certain death.

Survive and thrive is subjective reality versus objective reality. If the observer and the observed are codependent, they are also hostile to each other and must compete against each other in order to generate the THRIVE result of the game, which roughly equates to the process relevancy -> evolution. This is also the generator of quality.

In the environment you are an anomaly, and the system of the environment is looking for homeostasis, which requires the removal of the anomaly. If you don’t belong you have to adapt both the subjective and objective realities in such a way as to alter the situation in your favor; this means YOU adapt and you force the environment to adapt, as much as possible. You are thereby increasing your relevancy vis a vis the environment. The triumph of man is the triumph of the anomaly vs the environment. This is the victory of subjectivity over objectivity.

A particular advantage in this game is access to consciousness, which at least at the higher levels, seems only to be accessible to man. Consciousness strengthens the subjective experience, adding dimensions to it such as legacy, history, and love. These added dimensions reinforce the drive to survive and thrive, and, you’ll notice, are oriented around communal codependence. To an extent, we live for each other.

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