Data Analytics in a School Management Software

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions. Any data can be submitted to data analytics techniques to gain insight on how to improve things. Data analytics techniques can…


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Social Media Making Journalism Into Its own thing

Social Media has caused journalism to change, no longer is it simple print news or watching someone on tv give you the news. It has helped make it our own thing and encouraged people who may have not followed the news . It’s given news sites to deliver the news in a creative way and really think outside the box.

In this case the New York times a popular news site, uses twitter to get their articles front and center to peoples timelines. Not everyone visits NY times website everyday but they probably do with twitter and if you follow them chances are you’ll see their articles here rather than on the actuall site.

In other cases some Journalist have used twitter to and other social media platforms to not only get their work out there but also use social media to help make themselves known as public figures. People like Ben Shapiro are using social media to make people not only know of their work in journalism but also their beliefs and help many others know who they are and what they stand for.

In other situations Journalism sites also use social media to find new employees. No need to go out their and find the job when a lot of big journalism sites like IGN post those positions on their own twitter account. It makes it easier for people trying to get into the business.

Here’s an extremely cool video from the Atlantic on how social media has changed journalism and helped it change and evolve from old media to new digital media.

In this video PBS talks with some digital only news sites and how social media and other new digital media has helped change and define news media. I like that they have essentially gotten to know their audiences and know that the shift to the internet has altered Journalism.

Back to the NY Times they have used sites like Instagram to deliver the news in a completely original way. Giving you a visual for the news and making it fun for the veiwer. What better way to bring in an audience, tell them a story with a picture before telling them the actual story.

Sites like reddit have given journalist a cool way to connect with other journalist. in the Subbreddit r/journalism, journalist can ask each other questions and share news stories with each other. Reddit also allows you to give you the news with whatever specific topic you like and curate whatever it is you’re interested in into one single timeline.

As you can see social media has helped change Journalism in many different ways, it has made it ton where you can get your news the way you want it. Journalist have had to change from the traditional way they report to really doing it anyway they want, they can go visually or curate news for you to your liking. Also has made it really easy for journalist to do and find jobs, social media has made it easier for journalist to do research, find jobs, provide help to other journalist. It is clear that social media has been an extremely positive influence for journalist.

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